National Client: Florida Muscle Cars

Florida Muscle Cars | Classic Cars | Collector's CarsFlorida Muscle Cars

eWareness helped build this very professional and unique website that lists muscle cars, collector’s cars and classic cars for sale online.  Check out the unique menu which includes a shifter that shifts up and down through each button. We also helped make this site one of the most frequently visited sites online for muscle cars.  Click here to visit the Florida Muscle Cars’ site.

The success of the Florida Muscle Cars’ search engine marketing campaign was seen almost immediately.  Potential buyers from all around the world continue to contact Florida Muscle cars about the various cars for sale on their lot.  More importantly, they have had 1,000s of emails from people around the world looking to sell their muscle cars.

***Recent update (January 23rd, 2014): the Florida Muscle Cars’ website hasn’t been touched in years; however, the site still gets 1,000s of unique visitors a week and still continues to get numerous emails regarding cars for sale.  Think about this next time some self-proclaimed Search Engine Optimization Expert tells you that you need to pay to have someone feed fresh content on your site all day long!***

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