Web Development Project – Online Super Bowl Squares

Web Development Project | Online Super Bowl SquaresFloridaSuperBowlParty.com: Online Super Bowl Pool Squares

eWareness created this online Super Bowl pool squares that fully automated the Super Bowl pool that most people get into for the big game.  We set it up so interested parties (it was a closed pool… by invite only) could select a square online and reserve it by entering their name and email address.  The administrator of the pool was able to manually approve each square.  Once all squares were filled out, the system randomly generated the numbers.  This is a great online promotional tool and can be used for car dealerships, restaurants, bars and any just about any industry where incentives are given in order to increase sales.  Something similar can be created for any event involving 2 teams and a score.  You can view the online version at: Florida Super Bowl Party.

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